The Trolley Dodgers

About “The Trolley Dodgers”

The Trolley Dodgers" was the team’s first name in Brooklyn. It came from the city’s pervasive network of trolley cars. And in fact Eastern Park, one of the fields they played in, was boarded on two sides by street car tracks. In a general sense, anyone from Brooklyn at that time was called a “trolley dodger”.

The name later got shortened to just “The Dodgers”.

I chose this name because it represents the Dodger’s rich history and tradition. From Jackie Robinson, Tommy Lassorda, and Vin Scully to Sandy Koufax, Fernando Valenzuela, and Matt Kemp — The Dodgers have so many stories to dig up. 

This site tries to do a bit of that digging in conjunction with sharing interesting statistics, little known facts, Dodger game recaps, and all-around baseball knowledge.

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