The Trolley Dodgers

On last night’s come-from-behind win against the White Sox, I got the chance to see how AJ Ellis prepares for the game (at least when Kershaw pitches)

First he gears up in the bullpen. Then he takes some straight pitches along with some in the dirt for him to block. Next, he prays for a couple minutes with 2 of his teammates. And finally it’s long toss with Kershaw before warming up in the bull-pen.

And what’s so amazing about this last one, is not so much how far Kershaw gets while long-tossing (he ends up by the Bank of America sign in right-center), but how AJ doesn’t have to move 1 step to catch any of his balls.

Pretty impressive.

If you are every an hour early to a game in which Kershaw pitches, go to the left field foul pole area, (preferably in the Lodge section) and check it out. 

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