The Trolley Dodgers

Dodgers Trade First Place For Yet Another Injury

…this time it was Dee Gordon, who is out for at least 6 weeks with a broken thumb after stealing his 30th base in the 4-1 Arizona defeat.

The Dodgers are now 1.5 games ahead of the Giants with 2 more games to go with the D-Backs.

The good news is that Kemp and Ethier are due back after the All-star break and Mark Ellis and Javy Guerra are back.

This by the way, now means that the heart of the Dodger lineup, batters 1-4, which include Dee Gordon, Mark Ellis, Matt Kemp, and Andre Ethier, have all sustained serious injuries this season…And it’s not even the All-Star break yet. 

Though if you would have told anyone that the Dodgers would lose over half of their starting lineup to injuries, including Matt Kemp for over one quarter of the season, and they would still be in first place with 47 wins, no one in their right mind would believe you. 

All in all, the Dodgers have had a pretty damn good first half, especially under their injury-filled circumstances.

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