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Dodgers Fall 7-2 to D-Backs as they Slither Within 3.5 Games of NL West

It was a little difficult to watch right from the beginning (the game, that is - because the sky was something else!) Paul Goldsmitt hit a 3 run shot in the top of the first inning off of Harang, and then Chris Johnson followed with a grand slam in the 5th inning. All D-back outs, too, were pretty hard hit shots that somehow found gloves. It could have been a whole lot worse.

And on the offensive end, the Dodger bats weren’t as much non-existent as they were un-timely; their hits never seemed to fall in a favorable order despite getting 8 of them.

Thankfully, the Giants also lost to the Mets (in large part due to Jerry Hariston’s younger brother, Scott’s 2 homeruns in their 8-7 win in extras), so they’re still tied for 1st. However, the D-backs are within 3 games of both the Dodgers and the Giants — Should get interesting. (Especially with all the trade talks as of late!).

Lastly, I did manage to miss the most exciting play of the game when Rivera gunned down Parra at home in the 6th - but it wasn’t for nothing. A little boy got hit by a foul ball that skipped off the Dodger dugout and into the stands. Magic Johnson, who was in attendance in his regular spot behind the Dodger on-deck circle, got up and walked over a few sections to see if the kid was ok. He was. And not only did he get a ball from Adam Kennedy (I’m almost positive it was him that threw it from the dugout), he got it signed by Magic and got a few pictures out of it too, not to mention a huge applause from the crowd…A very pleasant situation that could have easily been an ugly one. 

(There’s Magic up top checking to see if the young fan was ok and signing the ball that Kennedy tossed over - you can see Kennedy on the right corner looking over)


  • Cruz ends 12 game hitting streak
  • Hanley Ramirez makes Dodger Stadium debut and goes 0 for 4, though he did steal a base. 
  • Kempt goes 3 for 4
  • UPDATE: It ended up being Josh Lindblom’s last appearance as a Dodger as he got traded in a deal with a Minor Leaguer for Shane Victorino, just hours before the trade deadline. (We’ll miss you Josh, it a bummer to see you go!)
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